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Tear-Down and Debris Hauling

Piles of old brush, fifty years of wind-swept junk along a fence-line, or maybe Old Man Johnson's slowly-rusting hay rake out behind the barn. We can make it all go away! We'll tear down decaying outbuildings, pull out old fences, help with ancient barb-wire - whatever's in between you and a clean farm. Give your equipment a clear field to work, and make it safer for kids, dogs, and hoofstock to use your property.

Don't have a farm, but still have a pile of stuff? Our team will also haul away everyday household items, and can even do the major work of sorting out an entire property's contents for junking and auctioning. Estate clean-up, appliance recycling, bringing yards and gardens back from the brink - we're ready to help with the heavy lifting and the detail work.

Whether the job's at a farm or a townhouse, our estimates are free, so ask us what it will take. We'll be happy to answer any questions.